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Breakthrough solutions and startups for sustainable development: YSI (Young Sustainable Impact) wants to create a measurable impact though them . YSI is a fully funded innovation program, aiming to solve the UN Sustainable Development Goals through startups, that gathers the best young talents from the whole world, aged 16-28 years old. It is based in Norway.

Modules of the program

The program consists of 4 modules.

Team: leadership and team building, ensuring a quick building of trust, understanding and relationships with the teammates. These are the first steps of the program.

It tries to create teams of people from different countries, with interests, vision or passions in common. Nevertheless, the program searches for different skills and background, to ensure the capability to build something real.

Understand: participants get tools to analise the reality in a better way, ending up with a well defined focus area/problem. The program does not want “random ideas to some minor problem”, but breakthrough solutions.

Solution: participants will learn, after the analysis, to consider other factors like cost, time and other resources. This will lead to the creation of a prototype.

Build: YSI will help participants getting the prototype into an actual product.

How much time does it take?

Participants, even if free, have to devote 15-35 hours per week to this activity during the remote work period. During this time, there will be periodical check-point.

Participants have to work together remotely for 4,5 months, before a 2 weeks intensive course in Oslo.

What does the program provide?

The program provides young people with:

Participants from YSI 2018 edition

Resources, like learning platform, libraries filled with easy to find tools, methods, and knowledge;

Mentors, experts in entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainability, leadership, and technology;

Network of partners and businesses;

Money: you can apply for money internally in YSI;

Community, named Earthpreneur. Here you will find driven and talented youth from around 170 countries, that are helping each other.

When to apply?

Application process, for the period April-August 2019, closes February 11th.

The application process will be divided into 4 rounds and, among around 10.000 applicants, only 24 will be selected.

Why don’t you try to be one of the 24?

Apply for the first round, here.


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