ESC: bug on the website, no way to submit projects


The deadline for the presentation of European Solidarity Corps projects will expire on Febraury the 7th. Really a bad timing then for a bug in the website – but, apparently, it’s exactly what happened.

As we were checking the proper functioning of the website, in fact, we noticed that something was not working. Especially for the webform ESC21 (Job and Traineeship), we realized that serious technical problems make the uploading of the activities under the section “Project Activities” extremely difficult. As shown in the pic, in red, there’s no way to fill the box.

Fortunately, a video tutorial shot by the British National Agency could help us seeing how the section should have been completed – speaking of this: why can’t National Agencies offer common tools and guidelines to help youth organisations understand in every part the new ESC programme?

The point is that this is the most important section of the form, since it generates the project flows and the budget that can therefore be requested – as it happens for example on the Complementary Activities, shown in the screenshot here below.

Because of this bug, then, it’s not possible to submit the project.

Here a video that better explains what happen.

Moreover, because of this problem, the system won’t let us insert the partner organisations in the section “Project Management”.

Together with other organisations, we tried to contact EACEA, as well as our country’s National Agency, but the answers couldn’t help us solve the problem – we were just told by the first to inquire at the other, and vice versa. How it will be possible to submit the project, is still unknow. Will EACEA postpone the deadline – as it happened just a few days ago, when the webform for submitting KA1 projects wasn’t working?


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