The European Solidarity Corps’ Leaflet Is Out

european solidarity corps leaflet

On October 6th 2021 the European Commission has published the European Solidarity Corps Leaflet. The document is available either for download or online consultation.

European Solidarity Corps

The European Solidarity Corps offers opportunities for young people and organisations to engage in solidarity activities in a variety of areas.

The programme fosters solidarity in European society, engaging young people and organisations in accessible and high-quality activities. It offers young people opportunities to help resolve challenging situations across Europe and beyond, and to address unmet societal needs which cannot be addressed by other types of solidarity programmes. The EU added value of the programme derives mainly from the cross-border character of its activities, complementing those developed at national and regional levels.

The European Solidarity Corps Leaflet

Volunteering Teams in High Priority Areas have a dedicated section into the Leaflet.

Volunteering Teams in high priority areas is one of the actions under European Solidarity Corps. This action supports large scale, high impact projects supporting voluntary activities carried out by teams of young people. The activities have a specific focus on the thematic priorities that the EU sets out each year.

You can either find general information or examples of good practices, from the organisations that have already successfully implemented a Volunteering Teams project.

Find more about European Solidarity Corps by visiting the European Youth Portal.

To learn more about the submission procedure, consult the Online Manual on EU Funding & Tenders.

Access now the European Solidarity Corps Leaflet.

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