EU Youth Strategy (2019-2021) Report

eu youth strategy

The EU Youth Strategy is the framework for EU Youth Policy cooperation on the period 2019-2027. The EU cooperation should:

  • foster youth participation in democratic life;
  • support social and civic engagement;
  • ensure that all young people have the necessary resources to take part in society.

Now that it’s been three years since the EU Youth Strategy’s implementation started, the European Commission has published a report on the state-of-the-art, referring to that 3-years period.

EU Youth Strategy

The EU Youth Strategy focuses on 3 core areas of action, around the three words:




With “Engage” the EU Youth Strategy aims towards a meaningful civic, economic, social, cultural and political participation of young people. Connections, relations and exchange of experience are a pivotal asset for solidarity and the future development of the European Union. This connection is best fostered through different forms of mobility. Empowerment of young people means encouraging them to take charge of their own lives.

The implementation of the EU Youth Strategy is meant to go across-sectors, and this is way in 2017-2018 they developed 11 European Youth Goals. These goals identify cross-sectoral areas that affect young people’s lives and point out challenges.

EU Youth Strategy Report

What comes out from the first report? Has the implementation of the EU Youth Strategy moved forward?

The Commission has just adopted the report which assesses the EU Youth Strategy’s first three years of implementation.

As shown in the EU Youth Report, the COVID-19 pandemic hit young people heavily. In response, the EU has significantly reinforced its support and encouragement measures dedicated to young people. Ongoing policy initiatives such as the European Education Area, the updated European Digital Action Plan, the European Skills Agenda and the Youth Employment Support package are all dedicated to boosting opportunities for young people and ensure their personal, social and professional fulfilment. The Commission is also increasing its efforts in involving youth in key European initiatives.

To facilitate the implementation of the EU Youth Strategy and the Youth Goals, the year 2022 was announced to be the European Year of Youth and the main highlights of the EU Youth report will feed into the Year.

Read the full EU Youth Strategy Report.

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