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time for tea

“Time For Tea” is a cross-sectoral strategic partnership of Erasmus+ (KA2). The project involves 4 European organisations from Poland, the UK, Italy and Spain. It promotes global learning, creative thinking and social action by young people. The idea is showing how a simple cup of tea can generate social, technical and educational innovation.

It is simple, fun and accessible to people of any age, background or ability, anywhere in the world. The project involves a simple step-by-step series of activities based on non-formal education, which can be led by teachers, youth workers or young people themselves to advocate for issues that matter.

In fact, within the project the organisations collaborate to create a training and resource base composed of 6 intellectual outputs to support this global outreach, inspiring participation and empowering a generation of young people through dialogue with policy makers at all levels.

For example, one of these intellectual outputs is a resource pack for teachers and youth workers with methodologies on advocacy when working with young people.

To create this guide, the partners are now collecting ideas, experiences and opinions of youth workers, teachers and educators through an online survey.  

Please, fill up this questionnaire if you want to give your contribution!

Find out more about the project Time For Tea!
Applicant organisation: Regional Volunteer Centre from Poland

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