F.I.R.E. – From Idea to Reality & Execution

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“From Idea to Reality & Execution” is a project which aims to build on the experience of youth workers and teams of five organizations from Bulgaria, Tanzania, Uganda, India and South Africa.

Within the project, the organisations collaborate and produce training materials and curriculum specially designed to cover the necessary competencies of the non-governmental and self-governing organizations dedicated to solving problems in their community.

They developed a mobile application called F.I.R.E. (From Idea to Reality & Execution) and a guide to using it. The app has access via Android mobile and on the Internet, on a specially created page.

At the same time, 12 young people from Africa, Asia and Europe will be involved in volunteer work. They will elaborate specific activities for implementing the training content in a local context. This way, among others, they will support its language adaptation to the relevant cultural area.

The training program is available in several languages: English, Bulgarian, Swahili and Hindi.

Find out more about the project “From Idea to Reality & Execution” !

Applicant organisation: OPEN SPACE FOUNDATION from Bulgaria

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