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organisation training

The new Erasmus Plus Programme has started and it is now time to get the organisations ready to deal with it. We have been through the new European Solidarity Corps Guide 2021-2027 and focused on the news coming along. For example, what’s different on the Quality Label compared to the last edition. Or again, the new features of the European Solidarity Corps programme.

Along with the knowledge of the Programme, the organisations working in the field of youth and active in delivering youth projects, may be interested in trainings for their own staff members. On S.A.L.T.O. Youth it is plenty of offers, most of them free of charge, to train youth workers and staff about different topics. The organisation training should always be a priority.

We have selected the latest and most interesting offers about organisation training.

Recognition of competences acquired in the non-formal sector

Conference – Symposium – Forum
8 December 2021 – 9 December 2022 | Abbaye Neumünster, Luxembourg

The aim of the conference is to:

  • Know more about policies and practices giving non-formal learning the appropriate value
  • Exchange on methods and tools facilitating recognition
  • Exchange best practices between countries
  • To build a bridge between the formal and the non-formal sector and between employers and youngsters with fewer opportunities by enhancing the mutual understanding on opportunities and obstacles in each of them

Deadline to apply: October 1st 2021. Join in!

Innovations in Trainings

Training Course
6-13 July 2021 | Struga, Republic of North Macedonia

The project goals and objectives will be accomplished by two consequential connected activities:

  • Training course “Innovations in Training” (06 – 13 July 2021) – Struga, North Macedonia.
  • Dissemination through pilot training and workshops in regional communities (August 2021) – Europe.

By this we want to envision & encourage many educators in Europe to contribute in restructuring the education system with experiential methods of learning.

Deadline to apply: June 18th 2021. Join in!

Bouncing Back: An Interactive Workshop on Resilience

16 June 2021 | Germany

A free and interactive workshop, “Bouncing Back”, to talk about the meaning of resilience, its link to mental health, and tools and tips to build resilience in everyday life.

Deadline to apply: June 14th 2021. Join the workshop!

Mental Health and Well-being in Volunteering Projects

Training Course
25 June 2021 | Online, Czech Republic

The objectives of the online training are:

  • Get some knowledge and understanding of the topic of mental health 
  • Learn how to work with the topic of mental health of volunteers in different stages of the project cycle (e.g. what to ask during the first interview with volunteers)
  • Empower the participants in solving challenging or emergency situations throughout the project cycle.

Deadline to apply: June 7th 2021. Apply here!

ESC: How to quality label?

Training Course for organisations
18-22 July 2021 | Faenza, Italy

The goal of this project is to have more European organizations working with ESC volunteering, proposing quality projects thanks to shared knowledge and new synergies and partnerships.

Deadline to apply: June 18th 2021. Join now!


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