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Trainers are a core element when it comes to European youth work, especially in the field of non-formal learning. Their professional expertise, together with their ability to perform within an educational framework, affect the quality of training activities in a crucial way.

The ETS Competence Model

S.A.L.T.O. Youth has developed a competence model targeting trainers, youth workers and youth leaders working on an international level.

It defines seven competence areas:

  • Understanding and facilitating individual and group learning processes;
  • Learning to learn;
  • Designing educational programmes;
  • Cooperating successfully in teams;
  • Communicating meaningfully with others;
  • Intercultural competence;
  • Being civically engaged.

There are several tools free for download to serve the scope. For example, a booklet to start the training. This publication gathers information about the Competence Model such as its approach, its structure, the values behind, the educational principles, and the glossary of terms.

Training of Trainers Curriculum

A Training of Trainers Curriculum has been designed for trainers working in the youth field. It aims to offer a programme that outlines essential contents and values to prepare competent trainers in the youth field. It comes from the ETS Competence Model for Trainers above.

This instrument wants to support training providers across Europe with guidelines on defining specific goals, creating modular contents, choosing appropriate strategies and resources to develop trainers’ competences according to their context. National Agencies, organisations, and trainers active in the youth field will be able to use the Curriculum as guidance for trainers competence development and define longer-term training trainers strategies.

The Survey

To develop this Curriculum and take into account as much as possible the needs and wishes of those with involvement in this project, there is a survey to fill in.

Your contribution will help to build and develop a Curriculum based on the needs of youth trainers. Answering the questions will take about 20 minutes. The deadline is June 15th.

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