Create a more sustainable life with… PERMACULTURE!


People treat nature as an inexhaustible source of supplies. Unfortunately, functioning in the commonly accepted so-called linear economy has led to huge pollution and has significantly contaminated our environment. This, in turn, leads to further and very serious consequences, such as for example climate change. There is a big need for people to understand that the resources in nature are not infinite. We have to be more sensitive in order to protect nature.

About the project

In October 2019 in Turkey young people from 7 different countries met to discuss the matter of a more sustainable life. With this project –  “Creating a sustainable life: permaculture”–  it was aimed to integrate young people with nature. Among other objectives, the goals of this project were to:

– provide a better understanding of the ecosystem and its importance,
– raise awareness about ecosystem protection,
– introduce and spread the concept of permaculture,
– provide a better understanding of the concept of a sustainable environment,
– contribute to the protection of nature.

The outcome of the project is a HANDBOOK where you can find information about permaculture and ideas for activities that can boost the interest of young people towards nature protection.

Group Education Volunteers – Turkey
Ecological Manifesto – ManEco – Bulgaria
Ecocenter Alapítvány – Hungary
Associação Quinta Das Relvas – Portugal
QG Enviro Merine – Italy
Permacultura Cantabria – Spain
Bioville Vecumnieku Novads – Latvia

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