Climate change is a fact. What can I do about it?

Climate change is a fact. What can I do about it?

What for many years was a myth and an object of mockery, today becomes reality and accompanies us in our everyday life. Fewer and fewer people need to be convinced that climate change is a fact, and it’s up to us if it will stop or not.

Scientists have predicted many long-term effects of climate change. The aspects of it will persist for many centuries, even if emissions are stopped.

Climate change is a global challenge

Climate change does not know any borders. Stoping it requires engagement from everyone of us. There is no optimistic scenario for humankind if don’t act NOW.  

How can I help?

You don’t need to spend time or money to make changes, that really matter. Check out the article from our partner from Latvia DONUM ANIMUS to find more information about climate change and, most importantly, what easy steps YOU CAN DO, to take part in the global climate action.

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