Take control over your emotions! – Emotional Intelligence in Youth Work

Emotional Intelligence in Youth Work

Emotional Intelligence in Youth Work

Emotions play a critical role in the overall quality of each individual’s life – both in the personal and professional sphere – and consequently in the overall quality of social interactions. That is why Emotional Intelligence is so important while working with vulnerable groups, like young people.

The project “Emotional Intelligence in Youth Work” has developed an up-to-date and sustainable concept for educational opportunities for young people. It is unique for the purpose of supporting the nurturing of Emotional Intelligence for a better life.

Moreover, the project developed a parallel curriculum for youth workers, on the basis of the results of work with youth groups. The aim is to support and increase their ability to tap into their Emotional Intelligence at a personal and professional level.

You can check out the tool HERE.

LIMINA– Austria
Youth4youth – Italy
Euroacción – Spain
Jugendkulturarbeit – Germany
Ambitia – Slovenia
Anatta Foundation – The Netherlands

If you want to increase your competencies in the areas of Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Management check out THIS article.


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