Check Fake! – How to recognize fake news?

fake news

Fake news – how to recognize them?

Access to information was never easier than it is today. The Internet, newspapers, television and other sources provide us all around the clock a huge amount of diverse information. Within a few moments, while surfing the Internet or turning on the TV, we can learn about what is that a celebrity had this day for breakfast and find out about the status of military conflict in another part of the world.

Unfortunately, many of the information we receive is false. The groups most susceptible to falling for fake news are seniors and youth.

About the project Check Fake!

The Youth Exchange Check Fake! was organized in Slovakia and engaged 36 participants from 6 different countries – Finland, Belgium, Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, and Slovakia. During this project, through non-formal learning activities, the participants practiced critical thinking and became more aware of manipulation, fake news, disinformation, propaganda, etc.

The outcome of the project is a HANDBOOK where you can find some useful information about the basics of fake news, propaganda, and disinformation. There you can also find educational online games and board games created by participants and other useful activities.

Partners of this project:
Youth for Equality – Slovakia
Social Culture and Development Association – TOGEL – Turkey
IRTEA  – Greece
System & G – Finland
Follow your dreams – Belgium
System & G – Ukraine


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