Erasmus Plus Project: Quality Mobility App

quality mobility app

How to give quality to your mobility Erasmus Plus project? Would you like to make sure that the European mobility project you developed meets the quality standards and is likely to get approval?

S.A.L.T.O. Youth meets your needs with the Quality Mobility App. A mobile-friendly tool that allows you to check on the quality of your mobility project according to the EPLM Quality Principles.

Quality Mobility App

The (Q! App) guides project managers to a great quality mobility project with 16 easy questions and tons of resources

How To Create a Quality Mobility Project

  1. Click Create Q! in the, give your Q! Project a name and select a type (exchange, volunteering, seminar,…)
  2. Invite your Q! Partners to your project and collaboratively write your mobility project answering the 16 easy project questions
  3. If you’re stuck for ideas, simply click the lightbulb to access 200+ Q! Resources for your project (tips, checklists, videos,…)
  4. The project owner can lock the project questions for editing and export the answers for use in a funding application

How To Check On the Quality of Your Project

  1. Click Rate Q! in the and think of any Mobility Project you organised before (exchange, volunteering, seminar,…)
  2. Rate the project according to the 20 Quality Principles for Learning Mobility, or unfold the underlying indicators to rate them.
  3. Click ‘submit’ to see the results and get Q! Resources to make your next Mobility Projects (even) better
  4. Invite your Q! Partners to rate the same project and compare your Q! Ratings. A great discussion starter about Quality

The Quality Mobility app is a free online tool. It provides resources and ideas to refine your project. The app has a dynamic adaptive library, for suggestions, references and resources. The tool is available in multiple languages (English, Czech, Dutch), and soon it will be available also in French and German. Being an App, you can access it from any digital device, with sections also available when offline.

See further details about the Quality Mobility App. There are videos and tutorials to guide you through its use.

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