Public Consultation on European Youth Volunteering

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The European Commission has launched a public consultation. The type of act is a proposal for recommendation in the topic of youth and sport. A recommendation in an act from the European Commission toward the European countries to undertakes actions concerning a specific topic.

The ongoing public consultation is about how to make it easier for young people taking part in volunteering projects around the EU, including under the European Solidarity Corps.

European Youth Volunteering over Europe

The public consultation aims to:

  • remove administrative, legal and financial barriers;
  • clarify expectations towards organisations involved in multi-country projects;
  • help these organisations build capacity to deliver safe, high-quality activities with real educational value.

The roadmap of it saw a first feedback period back in February 2021, with plenty of feedbacks received from youth organisations. Now the official public consultation is open. It runs until 21st July 2021. The European Commission is asking for opinions and feedbacks on how EU countries can make it easier for young people to take part in volunteering projects in countries other than their own and therefore requiring cross border travel.

There is a questionnaire to fill in.

Purpose of the Public Consultation

The new initiative’s aims to:

  • address the obstacles to youth cross-border volunteering and solidarity to facilitate a smooth functioning and enhance the impact of the European Solidarity Corps;
  • propose policy guidance to increase the inclusiveness, quality and recognition of the European Solidarity Corps and its cross-border volunteering and solidarity activities;
  • support information and involvement in cross-border solidarity activities for young volunteers;
  • support complementarity between civic and volunteering schemes in Member States and the European Solidarity Corps;
  • provide incentives for mutual learning and networking among Member States.

Fit for Future Platform

Generally speaking, the Commission would like to hear your views on laws and policies currently in development. Click on an initiative to find out more, view feedback, or give your own feedback. Please note that the Commission may decide to modify or abandon an initiative at any time.

Under the whole initiative of getting feedback through public consultations, there is also the Fit for Future Platform. The Fit for Future Platform is a high-level expert group that will help the Commission in its efforts to simplify EU laws and to reduce related unnecessary costs. The Commission takes into account the Platform’s opinions to ensure EU laws help, not hinder, people.

You can contribute to the work of the Platform on the Have Your Say: Simplify! portal. Have a look at the list of topics in the work programme and share your ideas to increase their digitalisation potential, to simplify procedures and obligations linked to labelling, authorisations and reporting, or to avoid overlaps or uncertainty. You can also propose new topics.

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