European Solidarity Corps Projects With SALTO Awards 2021

european solidarity corps projects

How to recognize impactful and successful European Solidarity Corps projects? The SALTO Awards 2021, over its celebration, is presenting on November 11th 2021 the European projects that have reached a great impact in terms of results and outputs.

SALTO Awards 2021

The SALTO Awards 2021 are a recognition to the work done and also an occasion to inspire young people, decision makers and applicants of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps to have a greater impact.

The vote goes to a project that you reckon as of great impact, considering the following areas:

  • Digital transformation: evolving integration of digital technologies into the society and youth field;
  • Environment and climate action: towards a Sustainable Green Europe with the power of youth;
  • Media and Information literacy: promoting critical thinking and media literacy to foster youth participation;
  • Solidarity and volunteering: changing Europe for the better with “the power of together”;
  • Youth participation: shaping Europe’s democracy through youth engagement, connection, and empowerment.

Successful Criteria of European Solidarity Corps projects

To be impactful, it is important that the youth projects constitute the following values:

  • Sustainability;
  • Visibility;
  • Involvement;
  • Inclusivity;
  • Solidarity;
  • Digital advancement.

SALTO Awards 2021 Celebration

On November 11th 2021, S.A.L.T.O. will be celebrating the SALTO Awards 2021. You can join the event online in livestream at 5-7pm. See the event.

The five main nominations for the best projects of the year are:

  1. Digital transformation;
  2. Environmental and Climate action;
  3. Media and Information literacy;
  4. Solidarity and Volunteering;
  5. Youth Participation.

Each nomination category will be represented by the top-5 projects and the member of the jury board, who will announce the winner.

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