Find here ideas for ”Outdoor Activities for Inclusion”

Outdoor Activities for Inclusion

If you are a youth worker or an educator then here you can find some inspiration for outdoor activities for inclusion!

It’s true that nowadays young people spend less time outdoors and cannot integrate with nature. Very often youngsters prefer to dedicate themselves to activities they can do inside. Outdoor games and activities are important for the physical and cognitive development of children and teenagers. 

About the project

“Outdoor Activities for Inclusion” is a multi-stage project that aims to expand the use of outdoor activities that support inclusion in youth work.

The project improves the level of key competencies and skills of youth workers, young people, and also promotes social inclusion. With this, the project contributes to the first of the specific objectives pursued by the Erasmus+ Programme in the field of youth. 

The result of the project is a TOOLBOX where you can find examples of National Games from the participant’s countries, that can be used for inclusion. The toolbox includes also examples of games/activities developed by participants.

Nouriso-ja luontomatkakailukeskus Oivanki – Finland
Armenian Youth League – Armenia
Arbeitskreis Noah – Austria
Unistudy – Azerbaijan
PECO – Italy
Academy of innovation – Russia
Matadero Lab – Spain
Vzayemopomich – Ukraine
Modern Youth Academy – Turkey 

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