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The ID Talks is a series of 5 stand-alone online events (workshops), of up to 90 minutes each, with inspiring guest speakers, thought-provoking insights, discussion in small groups and Q&A sessions. The workshops have now turned into an online-available magazine to download.

The ID Talks Magazine

Thanks to the success of the past editions, the ID Talks are now available in articles. The ID Talks Magazine displays the following topics:

  • Faith: People all believe different things. How can we be amazed by these diverse looks on life, rather than letting faith divide people?
  • Abilities: Approximately 15% of people have some form of disability. How many do you know?
  • Migration: Learn how youth work can reach out and co-create programmes with and for young people of migrant background, and to build more open and diverse societies
  • Intersectional: How can your organization develop an intersectional perspective and incorporate intersectional approaches in your practice?
  • Digital: How do you make online youth activities inclusive?
  • Organisational: Your projects are inclusive, but is your organisation too? How to build a culture of Inclusion & Diversity beyond mobility projects
  • Entrepreneurial: How can an ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ boost your Inclusion & Diversity work?
  • Impact: Clever ways to measure the impact of your EU Youth project on inclusion & diversity.

The ID Talks

After the first edition in autumn 2020 and the second edition in Spring 2021, the ID Talks are continuing the “Embracing Diversity” series by organizing the Autumn edition and bringing to attention new topics and new speakers.

“ID Talks” is a series of 5 online workshops on 5 major topics in the promotion of Inclusion & Diversity (ID) and quality youth work. It features:

  • youth workers,
  • professionals,
  • and volunteers

from all over the world to share insights, research findings, food for thought, good practices or inspirational stories.

The overall purpose of the ID Talks is to inspire participants to make their programmes and organisations more inclusive, embrace human differences, look ahead and picture how the future of youth work and Inclusion & Diversity might be.

ID Talks Autumn Edition

The next event runs every Wednesday from 3rd September to 3rd November 2021, online at 1PM CET. Check out the event to discover how to participate.

It is going to address the following topics:

  • 8th September: Race, the struggle for racial equality;
  • 22nd September: LGBTQIA+;
  • 6th October: Class;
  • 20th October: Gender;
  • 3rd October: Diversity.

To register to the event it is necessary to fill out the online form.

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