Learn how to empower vulnerable youth

empower vulnerable youth

How to empower vulnerable youth

The Erasmus+ Programme aims at promoting equity and inclusion by facilitating the access to participants with disadvantaged backgrounds and fewer opportunities compared to their peers whenever disadvantage limits or prevents participation in transnational activities for reasons such as:

  • disability
  • educational difficulties
  • economic obstacles
  • cultural differences
  • health problems
  • social obstacles
  • geographical obstacles

Vulnerable youth can be a greater educational challenge, but if we learn to respect their experience, strengthen and support their potential, we will see that their background is a value that can be associated with great empathy, creativity, passion, commitment, and intuition.

About the project

The project “Empower Vulnerable Youth: Theater, Creative Writing, and Emotions in Focus” was initiated and submitted by the association “Art of the Box” from Belgium. It consisted of a Training Course, an Advanced Planning Visit, and a Youth Exchange, and it connected 6 partners representing Belgium, Republic of Macedonia, Croatia, Spain, Greece, and Latvia. The project responds to the needs of organizations working with vulnerable youth.

The objectives of the project are: 

– to increase the quality of activities targeting vulnerable youth in partners’ organizations;
– to equip youth workers with new methods and techniques based on theater and creative writing, especially addressing issues such as managing strong emotions, self-confidence, self-awareness and leading to empowerment of vulnerable youth;
– to provide space for sharing and exchanging methods and techniques for work with vulnerable youth between the organizations and work on new project ideas;
 – to provide vulnerable youth with a direct opportunity to take part in an international youth exchange, giving space for personal and professional development and encouraging vulnerable youth to take part in international youth activities;
– to support long term cooperation between the partners under the Erasmus + Programme.

The outcome of this project is a BOOKLET. The aim of the booklet is to provide methods and techniques about creative writing and theater through winch can be handled strong emotions of youngsters especially vulnerable youth.


ART OF THE BOX – Belgium
Mladi za marof – Croatia
Media Terra Nea – Greece
Volunteers centre skopje (vcs) – Macedonia
Asociación Mundus – Spain
Talsi region community foundation – Latvia

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