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Improve your online youth work and non-formal education

The situation of the Coronavirus pandemic affected work in the youth work sector all around the world. The safety restrictions, in particular the physical meeting restrictions, have a direct impact on the youth work training field, which makes carrying out different activities extremely difficult.

But we can’t be stopped that easily!

It’s a moment when many youth workers try to shift their activities online. Online youth work is now a hot topic, and many articles about recommended tools, guides, and other resources are popping up. It is a perfect time to learn more about the different possibilities of online education. 

One of the pioneers of digital youth work  – Michele Di Paola – has started a fantastic series of articles on his blog HandShaKing

Michele designs and delivers training activities using non-formal education methodologies, and he is passionate about designing learning experiences using technologies and digital media. In his blog HandShaKing you can find interesting and professional texts tackling the topic of online youth work. Michele leaned on issues such as:

  • What kind of visual activities could you organize and what tools could help you with it?
  • Tips for good time management during your online meetings
  • Tips to make your online conferences and trainings more interesting.
  • Inclusion in online activities
  • Tips on how to party in an online environment
  • … and more 🙂

To all of this tips, you will find propositions of several tools that can be used to help with these issues.

Have a read and get inspired to think about some of the opportunities to make online learning and teaching experience more interesting. These tips and tools can be useful not only for work in the youth sector but they can also help you to impress your boss, colleagues, the audience during your next online meeting, conference, etc.

Find the entries in the blog by clicking on the links below:
Online youth work tools and tips / 1
Online youth work tools and tips / 2
Online interaction: online youth work tools and tips / 3
Inclusion and how to host online youth work / 4

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