SEEDS2: social entrepreneurship for the youngsters

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The SEEDS 2 project is a capacity building in the field of entrepreneurship and social economy. The idea was to achieve a new awareness on the concept of social entrepreneurship, to increase the competence of the organizations working in the field and to constitute an effective input for young people who want to connect the world of entrepreneurship with the social bases – which was exactly the main new feature of SEEDS2: the involvement of NGOs and local communities, where the social side is more relevant, is what differentiates it from the previous version of the project (SEEDS).

SEEDS2 brought together eight organizations, four from Europe (Italy, Finland, Turkey and Spain) and four from Latin America (Peru, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina).

The main goals of the project were:

  • Fighting unemployment through the creation of Social Entrepreneurship projects for young people;
  • Creating a Youth Exchange in order to enhance the internationalization of the project and underpin the local context from where the participants came from;
  • Increasing the competences of the staff members of the organizations through a Training of Multipliers, two Youth Exchanges and six local trainings on the topic;
  • Applying methods of non formal education, peer to peer education, active participation and intercultural learning;
  • Inspiring young people to have a proactive part in Social Entrepreneurship and attracting the youth from Latin America to the methodology of youth exchanges following the model of the Erasmus+;
  • Reinforcing the networks between the participants and the stakeholders and among the participants themselves;
  • Making the organizations that were part of the projects more visible and, by this, reinforcing their mission through an increase of the resources;
  • Testing new dissemination tools, like innovative media;
  • Becoming a benchmark in the field of Social Entrepreneurship.

The goals have been achieved in a rather satisfying way. An entire section of tools and methodologies is available, providing a social-economy mindset and entrepreneurial skills for the organizations that took part to the capacity building.


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