SEEDS2: social entrepreneurships and how to manage them

seeds2 - selection

The capacity building SEEDS2 has opened the path for its participants towards a new set of competences and skills, collected in the following videos.

As for the methodology, it was released a toolkit that encompass the topics of ideology and ethic, business plan, marketing and communication and project cycle management. Through the use of the means and resources explained in the videos, the participants could acquire new competences and a new awareness to harness in the field of social entrepreneurship. Here they are:

The capacity to have clear in mind the concepts of social and business entrepreneurship (and the difference between them):

To work in groups capable of performing and get to common conclusions by complementing each other for a common social interest:

To start and get through the process of creating a business and social entrepreneurship idea:

To grow familiar with the different concepts (business/social entrepreneurship, civil society work/NGO):

And, finally, to enable the participants to turn the outcomes, the ideas, into concrete business models.


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