Shaping the Future of Europe: A Co-Creation Workshop

Flyer Online event MeetEU 20th December


It’s easy to get stuck talking to people our own age, whether at work, in school, or among friends. But by breaking out of that comfort zone and connecting with people from different backgrounds, of all ages, we can promote a more diverse and inclusive dialogue.

That’s why MeetEU – an initiative made up of volunteers from over 10 EU member states who organize weekly events with Members of the European Parliament, European Commission representatives, EU activists and scientists – has organized an online event with a clear idea: to facilitate communication and understanding between different generations in order to have a meaningful discussion about the future of Europe.

This is especially important as we navigate the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

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Let’s now discover some information about this event.

Let’s Discuss Europe Across Generations

As Europeans, we all have a stake in the future of our continent. That’s why MeetEU has organized the Co-Creation workshop. This online event brings together experts from European, national, and local institutions with people from all over the continent to develop ideas for promoting intergenerational exchange on our shared future in the European Union.

By bringing together different generations and perspectives, the goal is to come up with creative solutions to the problems facing our continent and build a stronger, more united Europe.

Flyer online event pubblished by MeetEU

At this point, you may think you don’t have enough knowledge or expertise on EU topics. Well, the event has been planned specifically to address this issue.

You don’t have to be an EU expert to participate. The Co-Creation workshop is a chance to collaborate with decision-makers and experts, exchange ideas with Europeans from all over the continent, and contribute your unique perspective to the conversation

Don’t miss this chance to be part of shaping the future of Europe and promoting intergenerational exchange.

To join the workshop, simply register here and join MeetEU online on December 20th at 19:00. Sign up now and bring your ideas to the table!



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