Celebrating 35 Years Of Erasmus+ Programme

some teenagers waving the european union flag, Simbol of the Erasmus+ Programme



The Erasmus Programme officially started in 1987 and today, in 2022, it turns 35 years old. 13 million participants learned, worked or had the chance to train abroad. Every year, more than 600,000 Europeans take advantage of the opportunities offered by Erasmus+. For those who have participated in an Erasmus project, it is not easy to describe in a few words what has been experienced. Yet, often different protagonists use the same words:

Inspiration, friendship, social inclusion, diversity, networking, opportunity, change, love.

To celebrate this anniversary, the Europe Union organized a series of events to tell the experiences and stories of the protagonists.

Erasmus+ 35 years – 35 experiences

The first of the events to mark this anniversary was held on 20 September, where Vice-President Margaritis Schinas and Commissioner Mariya Gabriel met 35 Erasmus+ participants and representatives of the programme’s founding group.

Margaritis Schinas, Vice-President responsible for Promoting the European Way of Life, said:

“Erasmus+ is a 35-year success story that has provided life-changing opportunities for millions of people. I could not think of a better and more convincing example of what the ‘European way of life’ actually means. 

Each participant shared personal experiences and told their own stories. If you want to read the stories of those who have participated in an Erasmus+ project, click here

Flyer of the event

The final event will be held on 14 December, where participants are welcome from all areas that have benefited from Erasmus+.

The event will feature speakers from benefiting organisations, individual Erasmus+ participants, national agencies, and Erasmus+ programme creators. This will be the day’s schedule:

Morning sessions

  • opening and plenary sessions
  • plenaries on Erasmus+’ origins, evolution, positive impact, and novelties

Afternoon sessions

  • smaller group discussions with inspiration sessions based on ongoing or completed Erasmus+ projects
  • roundtable discussions on global Erasmus+ priorities and their mid-term impact


  • photo exhibition
  • cocktail and standing dinner
  • concluding art performance

To learn more about the 35th anniversary of Erasmus+, click here


Erasmus Plus is a great way for students to learn about European history and culture, as well as strengthen their language skills. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for students to meet people from different countries and share the experience of living in a foreign country.

Being part of the Erasmus Plus world can change your life, as Eleni Theodouru, who is a former Erasmus+ student from Greece, declared:

The Erasmus+ programme sparked a new life full of experiences, friendships and international career opportunities. I recommend it to everyone and especially people with disabilities like myself. It is a catalyst for our transition to an inclusive Europe!



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