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The European Commission has lately announced the launch a new free online course to teach life competences, “Shaping Lifelong Learners through Self-Regulated Learning“.

The LifeComp is a framework developed by the European Commission itself, that maps the key competences required to deal with complexity and thrive in the fast-changing world.

The Context

The world we live in is changing fast, and life is becoming increasingly complex and uncertain. Technologies play an increasingly important role, while new work models are surging fast. Employers are looking for flexible workers who can easily update their skills and the COVID-19 outbreak has highlighted the need to be able to adapt quickly to new working, social and learning conditions.

The Free Online Course

Shaping Lifelong Learners through Self-Regulated Learning” is the first of a series of courses to explore the different areas of the Life Competences framework.

This first course focuses on the area of ‘Learning to Learn’ of the LifeComp Framework. In particular, the course targets teachers who want to shape lifelong learners through self-regulated learning skills. Self-regulated learning skills will allow students to:

  • better plan, organise, monitor and review their own learning;
  • be aware of the role of their emotions and motivation.

The course is divided into four modules, focusing on self-regulated learning, teaching practices and examples teachers can benefit from:

  1. What is Self-Regulated Learning?
  2. Developing Self-Regulated Learning Skills – 1

  3. Developing Self-Regulated Learning Skills – 2

  4. Peer Review

The course suites mainly teachers of all levels and subjects who are interested in the concept of lifelong learning and want to promote self-regulated learning practices in their classroom.

To enroll visit the EU academy website.

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