The European Training Calendar

european training calendar

On SALTO Youth organisations active in the field of the Erasmus Plus programme and youth, can find a full source of information and training on the European Training Calendar.

If you are looking for training within the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme, European Solidarity Corps, training activities in the field of youth and non-formal education, and more, S.A.L.T.O. provides online courses for free.

The European Training Calendar

The main focus of the European Training Calendar are the Erasmus+: Youth in Action and European Solidarity Corps programmes.

All training activities in the Calendar are European or international, in the not-for-profit sector and directed to youth workers wishing:

  • to develop their competences to further work with and for young people,
  • to share experiences, and
  • to make contacts for common future projects.

Besides, the calendar also provides calls for projects in which youth workers will meet other target groups such as youth policy makers, adult learning organisers, among others, in order to learn from each other.

Upcoming Trainings

At the time of writing, there are 74 available online trainings on the European Training Calendar. Let’s have a look to some of them.

  1. Youth Work 2.0 – The aim of this training course is to equip youth workers with basic competences needed to facilitate the learning process of groups with the addition of gamification elements | 12-19 May | Application deadline: 7 April 
  2. GOT NEXT*: Youth workers next in line to make change (seminar) – During this seminar young change makers get the chance to slow down together in order to meet the urgent challenges of their youth work by looking at the personal, interpersonal and systemic level | 29 May – 3 June | Application deadline: 8 April

  3. BRIDGES TO SOLIDARITY– The training course is an opportunity for youth workers to reflect on their role in creating solidarity within the communities and will enable them to self assess and develop further their competences of process facilitation in strengthening communities | 8-14 May | Application deadline: 10 April

  4. Emotions in Motion – an embodied training course on emotional intelligence– Do you work with young people? Would you like to develop your emotional skills and learn new methods? Do you feel the need to spend some time in a safe space to reflect on your challenges, share your insights and learn from others’ practices? | 14-22 May | Application deadline: 10 April

  5. BODY Positive – Training course for educators and youth workers about facilitation of body positivity activities and creating a facilitation approach that is inclusive and body positive | 1-10 May | Application deadline: 11 April

  6. BE ENTERPRISING – fostering entrepreneurial attitude in youngsters– “Be Enterprising” is a 6 days long training course in Croatia focused on fostering entrepreneurial skills while working with young people | 24-29 April | Application deadline: 11 April 

Find other courses, trainings and seminars of your choice.

For specific questions about a training call, please write to the contact you find in the call itself.

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