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The (Q! App shortly) is the application that will change the way you create and evaluate international mobility projects.

Do you need a guide to create your international mobility project, while coordinating on its writing together with your partners?

S.A.L.T.O. Youth provides the, a tool to use on your mobiles to create your own project and apply for funding, with 16 easy questions and tons of resources.

The is a mobile application developed by JINT/SALTO with the goal of serving associations and organisers as a guide to write European mobility projects.

Within the app you can write a project in collaboration with partners, assess its quality following the EPLM principles for learning mobility, and download it in view of a funding application.

The App features insights by project organisers with experience in the field, as well as a dynamic library where you can add ever-changing tips, references, and resources. The application is multilingual and accessible from any device (PC, smartphone, tablet).

How to create a project on

Here are a few step to follow:

  1. Click on “Create Q!” in, give a name to your Q! and specify what kind of project it is (exchange, volunteering, seminar…);
  2. Invite your partner organisations on Q! and write your mobility project with them by answering 16 simple questions;
  3. If you run out of ideas click on the light bulb icon and access over 200 useful resources for your project (tips, checklists, videos…);

You can also rate the quality of your project:

  1. Click on “Rate Q!” in and think about any mobility project you’ve organised in the past;
  2. Rate the project according to the 20 Quality Principles for Learning Mobility;
  3. Click “submit” to see the results and get helpful resources to make your next mobility projects flawless;
  4. Send your partners to rate the same project and compare your ratings on “Q! Evaluations.”

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