Turkey Joined The Erasmus Plus Programme 2021-2027

turkey erasmus plus

The European Commission and the Turkish government have recently signed the agreements to grant the association status for the period 2021-2027 to the Erasmus Plus and European Solidarity Corps programmes.

Over the last budgeting period (2014-2020), Turkey received a total of €740 million. Over 36,500 Turkish organisations participated to the Erasmus Plus programme. And around 315,000 teachers, students, staff and trainees from Turkey benefitted from the Programme.

Concerning the European Solidarity Corps programme, the Turkish organisations initiated 350 volunteering projects and 150 solidarity projects.

Turkey in the Erasmus Plus Programme 2021-2027

With Turkey signing the agreements to participate to the Erasmus Plus and European Solidarity Corps programmes for 2021-2027, hundreds of Turkish teachers, trainees, students, researchers and young people will have the opportunity to participate under the same conditions as participants from EU Member States.

The agreement was signed late in October 27th, 2021. It strengthens the alliance between the EU and Turkey to deliver on common priorities, such as the twin green and digital transition.

See the press release.

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