TOSCA – Online Training for Youth Organisations of European Solidarity Corps

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November 10th 2021 is deadline to apply for the TOSCA Online Training and Support for Youth Organisations active in volunteering actions under the European Solidarity Corps programme.

The Training Course is running from December 6th to 16th 2021. The organizer is the Turkish National Agency.

TOSCA – Online Training for Youth Organisations

The online training activity aims to support and build up the capacities of organizations that actively participate in volunteering actions of the European Solidarity Corps, in order to ensure quality and impact in the respective projects.

The aim is to ensure quality and impact in their respective European Solidarity Corps projects.

General Objectives

The Training Course has the following goals to reach:

  • Foster understanding, awareness and commitment to core quality criteria of the European Solidarity Corps;
  • Build up competences on how to design and implement European Solidarity Corps projects with a view to quality;
  • Ensure clarity and support on how the programme works formally: opportunities, guidelines, structures, priorities, rules, and procedures;
  • Give space to participants and their organisations to express burning issues and needs and offer support where possible;
  • Foster a supportive community of organisations involved in the European Solidarity Corps.

General Information

The Online Training course for youth organisations will bring together participants into individual and group work. The work is organised over two weeks, including the training tasks. Those ones will be accessible on the moodle platform HOP.

The training’s sessions will be 6 in total, of which 4 mandatory and 2 optional, and they will be held on the ZOOM platform.

Being an online training, there is no reimbursement nor participation fees.

Dates, Timing and Participants

The sessions will be from 10:00 to 13:30 CET on December 6th, 8th, 11th, 13th, 15th and 16th.

The applicants must ensure to:

  • be involved in the Volunteering Actions in European Solidarity Corps Programme;
  • be part of organisations/institutions holding a Quality Label for Volunteering;
  • have a crucial role in and commitment to o  providing conditions for high quality activities;
  • ensure a positive impact of Volunteering Activities within their community;
  • create learning opportunities within the organisation and for volunteers.

The ideal participants would be then youth workers, youth project managers, and volunteering mentors.

The training is open up to 25 participants from Erasmus Plus participating countries and Partner countries.

To apply for the online training course for youth organisations go to the official page.

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