Call for tenders to implement ESC general online training platform – EAC/03/2018


    The European Solidarity Corps (ESC) Programme needs a general online training and the DG EAC is looking for a service provider to implement it.

    The single framework contract will imply the follows objectives:

    • to provide services for development and customisation of e-learning courses which meet the training needs of all registered European Solidarity Corps participants, either in the phase before going to the field or after, independently from their participation in a specific European Solidarity Corps activity;
    • to deliver the customised e-learning courses via a dedicated web platform, by providing cloud application services (software-as-a-service, hereinafter referred to as “SaaS”) of an e-learning management system, so that the training courses are accessible anytime, anywhere and from any device, to cater for individual learning schedules. The SaaS must be compatible with the European Solidarity Corps Portal and App.


    The deadline to submit the tenders is 23 April 2019 at 11:00 (Brussels time).

    For more details check the documents in eTendering.