Open call for the development of a Competence Framework for the Knowledge Management Staff Training (KMST)


    Open call for the development of a Competence Framework for the Knowledge Management Staff Training (KMST) or in shorter terms:
    for the NA staff training courses.

    The purpose of KMST is to support and co-organise the capacity of National Agencies in the field of youth to use strategically the Erasmus+: Youth in Action (E+: YiA) and the European Solidarity Corps programmes in reaching European and national youth policy objectives in a cohesive and consistent way.

    To do so and amongst other things, the KMST:

    – Offers initiatives for NAs staff to develop their competences (attitudes, knowledge, and skills) through trainings and other learning opportunities.
    – Responds to any emerging needs in the implementation of the programme, organises or adjusts training offers accordingly, and supports host NAs in preparing and implementing those offers.
    – Enhance a coherent, Europe-wide understanding and implementation of E+/ESC.
    – Supports knowledge management within the network of NAs.

    The purpose of such a framework will be to support the learning of NA staff from a role perspective (the role of NAs and of the staff of those NAs) and have a competence-based approach for the design of staff training courses currently offered and to be developed. In addition, such a framework could also support NA staff to evaluate their learning and competence-development process.

    Profile of applicants:

    – Individual consultants or a group of consultants who decide to join forces to apply together can answer this call. Proposals should share information about the profile of the applicant(s): background and experiences connected to the nature of the tasks and the context of the call.
    – Applicants cannot be staff of NAs (employees).
    – Proposals have to demonstrate a good knowledge of the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Programmes and of youth work as a field of work.
    – Knowledge of the work of the NAs and prior experience(s) in cooperating with NAs on a staff training level is a plus.
    – Proposals have to include:

    • A conceptual approach of the Competence Framework, that takes into account the above-mentioned characteristics and dimensions, and the development process.
    • A list of potential elements and a draft structure of the Competence Framework.
    • Possible connected and/or support tools to take into account.
    • A financial offer for the development of the Competence Framework.

    The deadline to submit the proposals: the 15th of August 2020

    To find out more about the background and application procedure check out HERE.