Call for Educational Trip Across (Postmigrant) Europe

postmigrant europe

Future of Postmigrant Europe

An educational group travel to explore European migration societies

The Schwarzkopf Stiftung is a German Foundation that pursues a Europe of openness, solidarity and democracy and a tolerant, open-minded and pluralistic European civil society. Their purpose being to empower young people from all backgrounds to be active European citizens. In this sense, contributing to a pluralistic, democratic society and mutual understanding.

They are calling for ten young Europeans to join them for a trip through Postmigrant Europe.

The Background

The corona pandemic creates distance in Europe, as existing inequalities are rising as a result of the pandemic. Fundamental values such as respect and openness are increasingly being attacked by anti-democratic and authoritarian groups. Media and political debates reject migration and consolidate discrimination. While in fact we have been living in migration societies for a long time. Indeed alliances against migration’s criticism show an inclusive understanding of living together.

The Project: Postmigrant Europe

The question of how we want to live in the future lies primarily in the hands of a young generation and their pluralistic perspectives. In order to find answers for the future, Schwarzkopf Stiftung has organised an Europe trip.

In which Europe do you want to live?
How can young voices be heard?
And what do we mean when we speak of a migration society?

During the educational trip ten young people based in Europe (5 from Germany, 5 from other EU countries) will meet organisations, initiatives and associations. The purpose is to make migration societies visible. Plus enabling the participants to pass their knowledge and experiences on to others.


In order to apply for the educational trip “Postmigrant Europe” you have to be:

  • between 18-26 years-old;
  • willing to go on a group travel to Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands;
  • socially or politically active, engaged in cultural or neighbourhood work or in political education;
  • interested in topics such as (post) colonialism, alliances against racism and discrimination, European history and present;
  • interested about education and media, or already with your own (educational) social media channel;
  • ready to share your knowledge with others during and after the trip, and interested in co-developing concepts and modules for the classroom together;
  • willing to travel ten days through Europe at the end of August/ beginning of September, either on site or digitally, and learn together.

Applications welcomed from all young people, regardless of their gender, nationality, residence status, sexual identity, religious affiliation or educational background

The Roadmap Across Europe

From Berlin via Amsterdam, Antwerp to Brussels, you will get an overview of the manifestations of inequality from an European perspective, and you will enter into direct exchange with actors, organisations and associations. 

Information and Application

Costs for accommodation, main meals and travel expenses are covered. The trip is funded by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education (BpB).

In accordance with the current developments of the Covid-19 pandemic, the trip to the different locations will alternatively take place as a hybrid or digital trip.
On-site travelling period: 22.08.-01.09.2021
Digital or hybrid travelling period: 23.08.-03.09.21

In the application form you will be able indicate whether you would prefer to only take part in one trip on site, only digitally, or in both formats. We will decide how the trip will be planned at the end of the tender period.

The application deadline is 30th April 2021.

Organisers: Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe, funded by the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb).
Contacts for questions:
[email protected]
[email protected]

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