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The Youth Entrepreneurship Policy Academy (YEPA) is a group of 150 people, including policymakers, youth entrepreneurship groups, social entrepreneurship networks, youth organisations, program managers, and researchers.

YEPA’s goal is to improve policies and programs for young entrepreneurs by sharing information about the challenges they face and promoting discussions among policymakers, young entrepreneurs, and experts to figure out effective strategies for youth entrepreneurship policies.

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The aim of the project

The main goal is to spread awareness about the problems young people face in starting businesses. YEPA also helps policymakers, young entrepreneurs, and experts share ideas on what works in youth entrepreneurship policies.

Sometimes, other important people like entrepreneurs, investors, and experts will join workshops to share their thoughts too.

It will make more people understand why supporting young entrepreneurs is important by:

  1. Informing policymakers about the challenges faced by talented young people in entrepreneurship.
  2. Teaching policymakers about successful ways to create and implement policies, while avoiding mistakes.
  3. Showing policymakers and youth entrepreneurship networks the benefits of social entrepreneurship for young people.
  4. Setting up a regular way for policymakers to talk with youth entrepreneurship networks and encourage the creation of more of these networks.

Who can participate?

  • If you are an individual

If you’re a young entrepreneur, an expert in youth entrepreneurship, a researcher, or someone who works with youth businesses, and you want to be part of the project you can contact directly with the organisations by visiting the website.

  • If you represent a network or organisation

If you work with a youth group or organisation that supports young entrepreneurs or self-employment and helps with youth entrepreneurship policies, you can join YEPA activities. Become a representative for your national or international youth network by joining the mailing list or contacting directly with the organisation.

  • Participants from outside the EU

There are special opportunities for governments, networks, organisations, and youth entrepreneurship experts. Organisations from countries outside the EU can join some YEPA events. If your organization is in an OECD country, it might be able to participate in certain activities.

Discover more about the initiative

Learn more about this project, its objectives, events and how to participate through the official website.


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