Intercultural Dialogue Through Art | Youth Exchange in Italy | April 2023


From April 27th to May 6th, 2023, the Youth Exchange program “Intercultural Dialogue Through Art” was held, organised by Associazione Joint and hosted by Ostello dei Balocchi in Ligonchio.

Associazione Joint has obtained a 3-year accreditation from the Erasmus+ program for a strategy of inclusion and empowerment of young people with fewer social and economic opportunities in European mobility projects. The ultimate goal is to provide meaningful opportunities and skills to disadvantaged youth to actively participate in international mobility projects.

Intercultural Dialogue Through Art

The activities, mainly practical and based on non-formal education methodologies, focused on exploring the theme of intercultural dialogue through the use of artistic tools. The project was divided into two main parts: the first part mainly focused on the theme of intercultural dialogue, while the second part addressed various artistic techniques, including direct contact with nature, in order to find new ways to practice and promote intercultural dialogue.

Specifically, the objectives of the project were as follows:

  • Raise awareness among young people about cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue.
  • Exchange experiences on intercultural dialogue and discrimination in the countries involved.
  • Explore artistic forms to promote intercultural dialogue among young people and local communities.
  • Create artistic products to be used during dissemination events.

Here are some of the testimonials collected by Associazione Joint during the Youth Exchange!

“For me, this project taught me how to live in an intercultural environment. It was a colorful experience with a lot of fun in nature, getting in touch with the locals, and going back home with new artistic tools.” – ELPIDA, GREECE (INFINITY GREECE ASSOCIATION)

“This project, for me, was disconnection and recharging energies. I felt super at peace and connected to everyone and everything.” – ANNA, SPAIN (BRUJULA INTERCULTURAL ASSOCIATION)

“This year has been an opportunity to get inspiration, meet amazing people, and improve myself in the role of a youth leader.” – ADRIÀN, FRANCE (PARCOURS LE MONDE ASSOCIATION)

“About my experience: I broke few of my barriers, I opened myself to new experiences and took part in all of the activities. I increased my self-confidence, and I’ve done many things that I would never do by myself. I think it’s important that we sometimes felt even like kids because kids are full of passion and joy.” – ELIZA, POLAND (KIELCE ASSOCIATION)

“This exchange about intercultural dialogue through art taught me to be more open to different forms of art and gave me the confidence to start exploring art mediums new to me, such as screen printing and puppet theatre.” – LORENA, ITALY (ASSOCIAZIONE JOINT)

“These days, I got a chance to join the facilitation team of this project. I felt heard and valued. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn so much.” – FIONA, GERMANY (DREAMING OPENLY ASSOCIATION)


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