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An important issue that was addressed during the policy dialogue during the European year of Youth 2022 concerns the media freedom and pluralism in the EU.

The EU wants to safeguard independent media and the safety of journalists. In fact, independent media are an antidote to disinformation and fake news.

The Vice-president Vera Jourova led the policy dialogue on 7 February 2023.

The conversation also provided a chance for the Commission to explain the political and legislative steps it has undertaken to ensure the protection of independent media within the EU and to ensure secure working environments for journalists.

If you have not been able to attend the event and are interested in learning more, read on to find out how to see the video summary of the event.

The aims of the dialogue

The aim of the dialogue was to engage in a conversation about the importance of media freedom and pluralism and its crucial role in our democratic systems.

The conflict in Ukraine served as an example of the vital work carried out by journalists and media outlets.

During the discussion, young journalists in attendance had the chance to exchange their experiences in the industry, which confronts a range of challenges, including the shift to digital platforms, the increasing influence of social media, economic pressures, disinformation campaigns, and the concerning rise in intimidation and harassment of media practitioners.

The topics of the discussion

These are the results of the discussion:

  1. Involvement of the citizens. The participants emphasised the necessity of promoting public engagement to safeguard press freedom and bolster its effectiveness. They underscored the importance of equipping citizens with the skills to critically evaluate disinformation and other potential fake news.
  2. Financing of the media. During the discussion emerged the necessity to explore new methods and resources to support journalism and the press. They also discussed about concerns related to the media industry, including economic pressures and the politicisation of a profession that should maintain its neutrality.
  3. Pluralism & working conditions. Participants talked about the importance of diverse information sources, along with the importance of inclusivity. It involves engaging various minority groups and enhancing their access to information.

The Video Resume

If you are curious and interested in finding out more about the topic you can see the video summary of the event on the official website.


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