NFL Goes Online – join the voluntary action for youth field professionals!

NFL Goes Online

NFL Goes Online – youth field professionals in action!

What happens to youth workers when there is a pandemic in the world and all trainings and activities are canceled and it is uncertain if things will change soon? Lie down and cry about the missed opportunities…? Definitely NOT!

The current situation is a great opportunity to embrace new solutions and ideas! And where would it be better to start if not within a group of people who are in the same situation and share a similar mindset? In this way, a voluntary initiative started – NFL Goes Online – where everybody who wants to remain active in the youth work field is free to join.

You can join the NFL Goes Online group on Facebook. The group is for those who are directly involved in European learning mobility projects like Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps; CoE; etc. (trainers; organizers; funders; NA staff, etc.). The content of the group is an informal exchange of views, tips, and experience. You will find there webinars, (ideas for) petitions, surveys, online workshops, and much more! 

Weekly zoom meetings are organized, where anybody can join. The goal is to bring people together, to inspire and get inspired! The participants have usually different roles and responsibilities (trainers, researches, NA staff, project managers, etc.),  which makes these informal consultations even more interesting!

The second season starts SOON (14th of May! For more info, check in the Facebook group).

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