RAYSE project: second generation EU citizens and social inclusion


Second generation EU citizens with non-EU migrant background: this is the focus of the RAYSE project, that aims at developing democracy, social inclusion and active citizenship at european level.

The goal

The main goals of RAYSE is to deepen the connection between second generation european citizens with non-EU background and european stakeholders, passing through the local level as well. Six young people from the six participating countries (Italy, Sweden, Spain, Bulgaria, Netherland and Greece) will meet and be instructed by policy makers in order to become Youth Ambassadors for active citizens of second generation.

The project

The RAYSE project will delevolp itself through the storytelling. Each participant will contribute to a blog, the contents of which are intended to give an insight of what the life of second generation EU citizens looks like: the stories, the obstacles and the challenges that they have to face. All of this will be shared among common people and the european media, with the purpose of tracing them back to the core of european values and investigate if and how these last are being achieved or if the way to lessen their distance with the european citizens is still long and winding.

The partners

The coordinating organisation of RAYSE is Association Tia, from Italy, and the project is being carried out together with Eu Diaspora Council from Sweden, ACD La Hoya from Spain, EUNI Partners from Bulgaria, International Labour Association (based both in Netherland and Turkey) and Institute of Entrepreneurship Development from Greece. They all have experience both in migration and active citizenship.


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