The Energy Crisis and Inflation | Dialogue with Young Europeans



One of the current issues affecting all European citizens is the increase in the cost of energy and of life in general.

The theme was discussed by Executive vice-president Dombrovskis during a Policy Dialogue on 10 January during the celebration of the European Year of Youth 2022.

The event was attended by young people from all over Europe.

They were able to exchange ideas on the subject and propose a series of solutions to this current problem.

If you missed the live discussion keep reading and find out how you can view the recorded version on the European Commission’s live stream page.

The focus of the dialogue

During the event, the participants discussed many issues related to the increase in the cost of living and energy in the European Union.

They tried to identify the causes (such as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine) and at the end of the event they drawn up a series of proposals to this problem.

The conference discussed the following points:

  1. How can we support EU citizens to deal with the immediate effects of the energy crisis and inflation?
  2. How can we build a fair, more inclusive and sustainable future for the next generation?
  3. How can we safeguard our fundamental values while building stronger cooperation with like-minded countries?

The discussion allowed the 15 participants from all over Europe to discuss this topic and to express their opinions.

The take aways from the dialogue

At the end of the event were drawn up three key points that will be used to create awareness among the young generations of Europe:

  1. It’s crucial to take measures towards the people and sectors that need them the most and safeguard the most vulnerable through well-targeted policies.
  2. When crafting policies for the future, the foremost concern is establishing the right budget, investments, and incentives to combat climate change. There’s a need to evaluate the impact of these policies on younger generations by introducing a Youth Test.
  3. Diversifying energy sources and supporting the innovation for the shift to renewable energy.
  4. Collaboration is indispensable in this transition. The participation of youth organisations is crucial in creating appropriate policies. Moreover, expanding our partnerships with countries outside the EU is essential.

The Video Resume

To find out more about the topic watch the video summary of the event on the official website.


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