The Meaning of Solidarity in European Projects

solidarity european projects

What is solidarity all about? What does it mean and how it take shape inside a European project under the European Solidarity Corps?

Such questions may find an answer, or multiple answers, looking at running European projects: what is the idea of solidarity behind them, how they have been created, what is their impact on society, how they “measure” solidarity.

Solidarity in European Projects

Hereby three articles that analyze solidarity projects and their impact on society:

  1. Jekatyerina Dunajeva – “Trans-border Solidarity: Romani Movement towards a Stronger Europe“; Jekatyerina Dunajeva is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Pázmány Péter Catholic University’s Department of Political Science. In addition, Katya is also a Researcher and Program Manager at Central European University’s Center for Teaching and Learning (Erasmus+ project).
  2. Gilles Buffet -“Solidarity within the European Solidarity Corps“; Gilles Buffet is the European projects coordinator at CRIJ Grand Est (Regional Youth Information Center of Grand Est), implementing European voluntary projects since 2007.
  3. Peter Mitchell – “A Bridge to Inclusion: Empowering Marginalised Target Groups Through Solidarity Projects“; Dr. Peter Mitchell is a cultural historian, experienced non-formal education trainer, and co-founder and Executive Director of Lernlabor.

Europe Talks Solidarity

The Resource Center of SALTO carried out a serie of events focusing on solidarity, with the aim of gathering expertise on solidarity, creating a space for discussion and highlighting different angles and perspectives. 

The work goes under the title “Europe Talks Solidarity“.

There are several publications and materials as a result of such events, open to download. For example, the comprehensive report on Europe talks solidarity.

One of the main priorities of the Resource Centre is to contribute to a common narrative on the concept Solidarity within the Solidarity Corps Programme and beyond. They aim to stimulate thinking about solidarity, its relevance in Europe and in international youth work and hope to motivate actors to engage and act in solidarity in, with and through their projects.

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