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The Youth Action Plan within EU External Action is a structured policy framework that guides the European Commission (EC) and the European External Action Service (EEAS) in their goals.

Its primary objective is to ensure that the EU’s external actions actively and meaningfully engage young people across various regions and at all levels.

This plan will cover the period from 2022 to 2027.

The plan provides a strategic direction for incorporating the perspectives, insights, and active participation of youth in the EU’s interactions beyond its borders.

It emphasises the importance of youth engagement as a key component of the EU’s external activities, fostering collaboration and inclusion.

By establishing this comprehensive framework, the EU aims to create a more dynamic and interconnected approach to its external actions, acknowledging the unique contributions and perspectives that young people bring to the table.

The role of young people in the EU

Young people are seen as important contributors to making positive changes. They play a crucial role in helping the EU achieve its goals for sustainable development and addressing climate change.

They are also vital for making advancements in the environmental and digital field.

Because of this, it’s really important to give young people more power in politics, society, and the economy.

The benefits for young people in this initiative

The Youth Action Plan will have thoughts and opinions from young people who were asked for their input while creating it, and they will continue to be part of making it happen.

Specifically, the Youth Action Plan in EU external action will:

  • Make sure that involving and empowering young people is a key focus in EU’s actions outside its borders
  • Provide support to young individuals and groups worldwide so they can play a bigger role in making positive changes
  • Strengthen connections with current and future leaders, activists, and decision-makers globally
  • Support volunteer work and projects that involve young people cooperating with each other
  • Include young people who are in tough situations, facing discrimination, or hard to reach
  • Bring youth-related issues into discussions about policies with countries partnered with the EU
  • Build on existing projects happening in different parts of the world
  • Unite different efforts and tools, like those from the Erasmus+ Programme, in a smart way to make them work well together and achieve more.

Discover more about the initiative

If you want to discover the results of this initiative, how it works and how to take part visit the official website for all the details.


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