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Are you aware of the brain drain that affects many of Europe’s countries and regions?

This theme was addressed during the celebration of the European Year of Youth 2022 by Commissioner Elisa Ferreira.

It was an event that allowed young participants from all over Europe to discuss among themselves and try to find solutions to this increasingly evident phenomenon.

If you’re interested in learning more about the phenomenon of brain drain but missed the event, read on and learn how to stream the conference summary video.

Take aways from the dialogue

The discussion focused on the factors that are allowing young graduates or professionals to remain and work in their native regions include:

  1. The availability of job opportunities with favourable conditions. One of the key elements influencing the choice to stay in their home region is the presence of attractive employment prospects. Apart from salaries, other job-related aspects, like access to social protection, contract types and an inclusive workplace, play a role.
  2. The quality of life in the regions. Economic considerations are not the sole deciding factors. Young professionals also assess the overall quality of life. Many rural areas face challenges in providing this full spectrum of services, often requiring investments to enhance regional appeal.
  3. The significance of effective public governance. A lack of trust in public institutions and corruption act as significant deterrents to the attractiveness of regions and member states. It’s essential for young individuals to feel like integral members of society through effective democratic and participation mechanisms.

The Video Resume

To find out more about the topic watch the video summary of the event on the official website.


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