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If you are interested to know how the European Parliament intends to change the distribution of the EU budget in the future and what areas the European financial plan should focus on keep reading!

During the Policy dialogue with EU Commissioner Johannes, participants addressed the issue of the European budget for youth opportunities.

During the event that took place on the occasion of the celebration of the European Year of Youth 2022, 12 young people from all over Europe participated and discussed the issue and try to meet a common point.

If you are interested in the topic read on and find out how to see the video summary of the event!

Take aways from the dialogue

The event was a useful meeting to bring out new points of view and try to calibrate future choices by listening to the opinions of young participants.

The following points are the result of the debate:

  1. Youth Test on the MFF and the Financial Regulation. The EU budget serves as a long-term financial instrument for implementing EU policies. For example, funds borrowed through initiatives like NextGenerationEU necessitate repayment over a three-decade horizon. Because of that it should prioritise the interests and consequences for the youth.
  2. Increasing the size of the EU budget as well as competences of the EU as a whole. The EU should be endowed with greater financial resources and enhanced political authority to proactively address matters that affect all EU citizens, effectively representing the interests of the entire European community.
  3. Enhancing communication efforts in Member States. To address this issue, there must be a significant escalation in communication initiatives throughout regions and cities across the EU. It is imperative that every EU citizen, at the very least, receives a fundamental education about the EU’s operations, its mission, and its significance.

The Video Resume

To find out more about the topic watch the video summary of the event on the official website.


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