Support for Policy reform, Civil Society Cooperation in the Field of Youth


    Civil Society Cooperation in the field of Youth under Erasmus+ Key Action 3 aims at providing structural support, referred to as an operating grant, to European non-governmental organisations (ENGOs) and EU-wide networks active in the field of youth and pursuing the following general aims:

    – raise stakeholder awareness of European policy agendas in education, training and youth, in particular Europe 2020, Education and Training 2020, specific policy agendas such as the Bologna or the Bruges-Copenhagen processes, as well as the EU Youth Strategy.
    – increase stakeholder commitment and cooperation with public authorities for the implementation of policies and reforms in the fields of education and training and of youth, such as of the country-specific recommendations issued in the framework of the European Semester;
    – boost stakeholder participation in the field of education, training and youth;
    – boost stakeholder involvement in the dissemination of policy and Programme actions and results and of good practice among their membership and beyond.
    For detailed information about this program you can consult this link.

    If you want to participate at Support for Policy reform, Civil Society Cooperation in the Field of Youth you have the possibility to apply until the 12/06/2018 and follow the instructions on this page.