Call for Contributions: EU Youth Report 2021

eu youth report

Every two years the European Commission publishes the EU Youth Report, a document freely available to anyone that may need it, which provides a comprehensive overview of young European people’s situation. It includes also an assessment of the EU Youth Strategy’s implementation.

The last EU Youth reports are also available for consultation.

EU Youth Report 2021

The report usually includes:

  • a joint Council-Commission report (political part);
  • supporting documents (statistical and analytical part).

The EU Youth Report evaluates the progress with respect to the overall objectives of the framework. It shows the progress regarding the European priorities for the most recent work cycle and identifies good practices. This last part presents data and information on the current situation of young people in Europe. The benchmark refers to the EU Youth Indicators dashboard.

The 2021 EU Youth Report aims at to highlighting the initiatives and actions the EU Member States ,young people, and youth organisations took, to implement the EU Youth Strategy since 2019. It also informs the next three-year Work Plan for the EU
Youth Strategy.

In addition to last years, the 2021 Report will focus on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the lives of young people in the EU too.

Why It Matters

The EU Youth Reports has got a wide broadcast. It is a point of reference for EU Officials and other institutional stakeholders over Europe. It represents also a valuable resource for policy makers.

This can be, in fact, the starting point from which start building new practices and policies for young people. As it provides insights into the current situation of young people, plus an overview of the policies and initiatives affecting them, it allows to look at what has been done so far and better plan the future actions and policies that would further benefit young people and youth organisations.

For Your Organisation

But what’s the impact of the report on your organisation?

The EU Youth Report is a good opportunity to showcase the work that your organisation has been doing on
local, national and European level, and that can contribute to reaching the objectives set in the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027. In fact by implementing projects and activities, youth organisations contribute to advancing youth rights, and supporting public authorities in implementing youth policy measures. They should therefore be considered as crucial partners.

As the Report will highlight initiatives and actions carried out by youth organisations, it can contribute to the recognition of the
role youth organisations play in bringing European cooperation in the youth field forward.

How To Contribute

The European Commission is looking for good practices and examples around the three main priorities of the past EU Youth Strategy:

  • Engage
  • Connect
  • Empower

To facilitate the process, EU Youth Forum has created an online board for submission.

The deadline for contributions is May 3rd 2021.

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