The Colours of Feelings and Needs

Colours of Feelings and Needs

Today we want to share with you an interesting tool created during the project “The Colours of Feeling and Needs”. The main aim of the project has been to support people in acquiring and developing the ability to identify, express, interpret and reflect upon their own feelings and needs.

In this context they created an innovative tool in the form of illustrated cards of feelings and needs

The first part of the project, consisted of collecting visual expressions of feelings coming from different cultural backgrounds and minority groups. To do so, they analysed literature, social media and made various workshops.

The set of cards consists of 4 different painting styles – each painting style is a different language of communication. In this way, this tool may reach a wider target: everyone can find their own card.

Based on the research outcomes 5 different artists with different art styles created a set of 160 illustrations. 40 feelings in 4 different painting styles and 96 illustrations of needs in digital design. 

Together with the cards, comes also a manual in which you can find some suggestions of how to use the cards. ​The tool was tested during several workshops in Poland and Germany. 

Click here to go on the Official Page of the project. You can download the cards and the manual!

The project was co-financed by Erasmus+ Program. ARTE EGO Foundation hosted the project in Poland and GrenzKultur / Cabuwazi in Germany.

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