Coronavirus – How to manage mobility projects? The official position of Associazione Joint, from Italy: quarantine has to be compulsory


Associazione Joint has decided, given the current situation on Coronavirus, described at the bottom of this article, to take the following measures:

1. Block all mobilities abroad at least until the 15th of April

2. Cancel or postpone all international meetings until the end of May to dates from September onwards

3. Request to:

– all volunteers coordinated by Joint in Italy who return to their countries;
– all Italian volunteers coming back from abroad in projects related with Joint; 
– all volunteers who want to go abroad during their mobility period; 

to implement all the necessary preventive measures, including a 2 weeks quarantine period in complete isolation.

4. Request to all our ESC partners willing to receive Italian volunteers to host them only in case they can guarantee 2 weeks quarantine in a complete isolation period.

Moreover, all our staff and volunteers in Italy are quarantined at home, in smart working when needed.

Short description of the current situation in Italy:

On March 9, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte stretched the quarantine zone across the entire country and announced the whole territory to be a “restricted area” in the “red zone”, making traveling to and out of Italy very complicated, and specified all exchange activities must stop. Then on the 11th of March, the Government also decided for the shutdown of all not-needed commercial and economic activities. There are also many restrictions concerning traveling between provinces, or even within cities, unless absolutely necessary, which significantly hinders the effective implementation of our projects.


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