European Commission Launches Public Consultation on Europass



The European Commission has launched a 12-week public consultation to assess the effect and implementation of Europass, a framework that delivers online tools and information to individuals to help them with their lifelong learning and career management. 

The consultation will collect information regarding the impact of Europass on the European labour market and lifelong learning initiatives, as well as assist the Commission in improving its services.

Europass Consultation event

Objective of the Public Consultation

The public feedback will help to inform the ongoing assessment of the Europass Decision between 2018 and 2022. Its major goal is to collect evidence regarding Europass’s influence on the European job market and lifelong learning policy. Participant’s feedback will assist the Commission in further improving Europass services.

Everyone can participate, including:

  • Europass end-users such as learners, employees, job seekers, and volunteers;
  • stakeholders such as education and training providers, employers, public employment agencies, non-governmental organisations, and policymakers;
  • EU stakeholder groups and¬†operational partners are also encouraged to contribute.

Simply fill out the online form on the Commission’s “Have your say” page to participate in the consultation. The questionnaire is available in every language spoken in the EU.

The public consultation will end on February 28, 2023.

This is a fantastic chance for anyone who have used Europass to share their experiences and offer the Commission with significative input. The consultation outcomes will help to shape Europass’s future and guarantee that it continues to suit the demands of its users. So, if you have something to say about Europass, now is your chance!


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