European Nature Protection | A Toolkit for Youth Workers



The “European Nature Protection Toolkit” is an engaging educational resource designed for youth workers working with young people aged 13 to 16.

Its purpose is to promote interest and knowledge regarding European wildlife, natural habitats, and the conservation efforts implemented through the EU Nature Directives and the Natura 2000 network.

The toolkit aims to enhance understanding and appreciation for the diverse ecosystems present in Europe among people in this age group.

While many Europeans recognise the importance of nature conservation in their daily lives, finding and comprehending information about Europe’s species, habitats, protected areas, and conservation activities can be challenging.

With this toolkit youth workers can easily and effectively implement these issues within their educational programs.

The aim of the toolkit

The project “European Nature Protection”, funded by the EC and the EEA, wants to make it easy for everyone to find and use the information the EC has gathered about Europe’s protected wildlife and areas.

The project emphasises the importance of EU nature directives in preserving Europe’s nature.

It includes web pages for the public and a toolkit for youth worker that work with 11-16 year-olds, providing info about Nature in the EU and how the Birds and Habitats directives and Natura 2000 safeguard European biodiversity.

The Toolkit offers resources for individuals to discover and identify fascinating and significant plants, animals, and habitats.

Besides recognising species and habitats, those who use this toolkit will gain insights into the personal significance of nature and why it holds importance for them.

The act of inspiring students through their surroundings constitutes a genuine initial effort to involve them meaningfully with nature.

The toolkit

Educators and students can choose from and focus on different topics, which centred around four main modules:

  1. Discovering cool plants, animals, and habitats nearby
  2. Showing how to learn about laws, activities, and tools for protecting and gathering info about nature
  3. Understanding how European countries cooperate
  4. Figuring out ways they can help protect nature

Every section has 19 activities, some of which are done outdoors. It also provides background information on important concepts related to nature conservation and EU nature policies. Additionally, you’ll find useful links and resources, including details about citizen science projects.

How to download the toolkit?

Are you interested in this toolkit and would like to download it? You can do it for free through the official European portal.


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