How to: ICT and Volunteers’ Activities


When it comes to activities implemented by volunteers – especially considering the new challenges we face due to the Covid pandemic – the ICT field plays an important role. ICT tools in fact may be the core of volunteers’ activities or just a slight part of them. In both cases, it is a key-element to know how to have an open-mind community that value the ICT tools for responsible use of digital media, taking advantage of the European cooperation and with the support of volunteers’ activities.

For this reason we present you a new tool, released through the S.A.L.T.O. platform, that focuses on digital media, creativity, social media, web design, online learning and critical thinking. It is also the result of an ESC project, the “#DigiMedia ESC volunteering Project”, carried out by Association TEAM4Excellence. This tool is in fact a Magazine that resulted after the implementation of the above-mentioned project.

All the activities were practical, result-oriented and created on the basis of an integrated approach to gain the best outcomes and reach the goals. Giving the successful completion of each activity, the participants were able to:

  • prepare the learning materials for non-formal learning for different groups of youth;
  • do weekly analysis for the volunteering activities;
  • use ICT in youth work;
  • create viral online campaigns relating to youth work;
  • design learning materials for creative thinking development;
  • illustrate the importance of young people participation in social activities;
  • use creativity and joy while doing your tasks, thus adding more value to the cause;
  • use intercultural and language skills for better communication and understanding others.

Whether your organisation is planning to submit a project proposal or just wants to implement an ESC volunteering project, it is useful to take in consideration the pros&cons and the How To of this tool, as it equips you with practical examples on how to carry out such activities, with the support of a gathered experience in the field. It includes workshops, webinars, contests and other activities organized during the project period.

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