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Last years have been full of difficult events, especially for young people. COVID-19 pandemic, Russia’s war in Ukraine, high prices and energy costs have made the lives of European citizens particularly complicated and have had a great impact on the mental health of citizens.

President Von der Leyen, during the last speech of the State of the Union on February 22, spoke of the importance of mental health.

Methodologies to promote and improve the health of young people were also discussed. If you missed the live talk continue reading the article and find out the topics of the speech.

The aim of the discussion

The aim of the speech is to promote the mental health of citizens, in particular in challenging socioeconomic circumstances.

Young people had the opportunity to exchange on their experiences, and provide suggestions and insights into the ways we can truly move towards a new approach to mental health that truly delivers for all EU citizens with Commissioner Kyriakides.

What has been discussed?

The following are just a few of the points discussed during the debate on 22 February:

  1. Mental well-being plays a crucial role within the framework of the European Health Union, impacting individuals across diverse walks of life. Various individuals encounter distinct obstacles throughout different life phases, often driven by unique factors, necessitating differents approach to address these problems.
  2. Incorporating the perspective of young individuals into the creation and execution of mental health policies is very important. The EU’s choices significantly influence the mental well-being of young people, necessitating an “all policies” approach.
  3. The COVID-19 pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine have intensified mental health difficulties, affecting the most vulnerable. To foster acceptance of diversity and establish secure environments, it’s very important to prioritise training, teaching, and education. Additionally, investing in services in Ukraine is essential.
  4. Mental health carries an unjustified stigma, despite its potential impact on anyone. To avoid this stigma, we should promote awareness while respecting cultural diversity.
  5. Promoting strong mental well-being and preventive measures is crucial. It is equally important to ensure accessible and affordable mental health assistance to everyone in need. This necessitates the availability of trained psychologists capable of working with young individuals, vulnerable populations, and those confronting particular hardships. Collaboration with educational institutions and workplaces should also be part of this effort.

The Video Resume

If this article has intrigued you and you want to deepen the topics addressed during the speech of President von der Leyen, you can review the streaming on the official website of the European Commission.


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