Youth Knowledge Book on Political Participation – Call for Abstracts!

call for abstracts

The Council of Europe publication on Youth Political Participation is still accepting submissions – take part with your abstract!


In recent years, we have witnessed an increasingly shrinking space for political participation across the democratic world. From subtle obstacles to direct interdiction of activities, public authorities in numerous states have restricted freedom of expression, association, assembly, and other basic democratic rights and liberties.

At the same time, young people are increasingly alienated socio-economically due to the succession of two global economic crises (the 2008 financial crisis and the looming impact of COVID-19).They are also losing trust in political institutions and the functioning of democracy more dramatically and at a quicker pace than older generations. The Council of Europe is looking for submissions examining an issue, question or trend related to youth political participation in the context of specific challenge(s) to, or transformation(s) of democracy.

About the Abstract

An abstract should clearly indicate:

  1. What is the specific way in which democracy is being challenged or transformed that the chapter addresses?
  2. How are young people (or other actors relevant for youth political participation, e.g. youth workers, public institutions, policymakers etc.) engaging with this challenge or transformation? Engagement can take the form of, for example, reacting to, coping with, contributing towards, supporting in favour of, resisting or fighting against, the identified challenge or transformation.
  3. In what ways is this engagement new, novel, or interesting?

Process & Timeline

Deadline for abstracts: 30 November 2020 at 23h59 CET.

Please send your submissions by email to Tomaž Deželan ([email protected]) and Anna
Lodeserto ([email protected]), by the 30th of November 2020, a Only
original works—not previously published or under consideration elsewhere.

Your submission should include:

  • Proposed title summarising the main idea(s) of your chapter;
  • Abstract outlining the proposed contribution (300 words max.);
  • Full names and biographies of author/s (150 words per author max.);
  • Institutional affiliations of author/s, if any.

All submissions will be subject to peer review.

The Editorial Board will take a final decision about the selection of contributions by mid-
December 2020. Selected authors receive a feedback by 7 February 2021.

If you have any queries regarding the process and timeline, please contact the Editorial Board by emailing Tomaž Deželan ([email protected]) and Anna Lodeserto ([email protected]).

Questions and clarifications requested close to the deadline may not be answered due to lack of time. Please, consider these time constraints when submitting your queries.

For any queries regarding the Youth Knowledge Book addressed to the youth partnership, please
contact Lana Pasic ([email protected]).

Read here the official document for the Call for Submissions.

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